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  • Pinkpig 11 Sports Club


    Pinkpig 11 Sports Club Introduction

    Hello everyone! This is Pinkpig 11 Sports Club and we are from Hong Kong. Our club has been established since 2017 with a main goal to become a better team. There are 11 of us originally and hence, we named ourselves the ‘Pinkpig 11’. Funny thing is that our opponents always shout ‘Omnikin Pink’ in practice and competitions, which always lead us to score. It is a very memorable and enjoyable moments with all the players having a laugh together. If you want a fun experience too, you are more than welcome to join us.

    We are looking forward to seeing you guys in Czechia!

  • Kin-ball Pardubice
  • GBQ

    Le club de la GBQ a été créé en 2010 dans la petite ville de Quintin en Bretagne, quand le Kin-Ball était encore à ses débuts en France.
    Nous l'avons mis en sommeil en 2015 car tous les joueur.euse.s avaient quitté la ville.
    Puis en 2018, trois anciennes joueuses décident de le réveiller pour abriter le premier club de vétérantes de France.

    The GBQ club was created in 2010 in the small town of Quintin in Brittany, when Kin-Ball was still in its beginning in France. We put it on hold in 2015 because all the players had left town. Then in 2018, three former players decided to wake it up to house the first veteran club in France.

  • Kin-Ball Academy 1
  • Kin-Ball Academy 2

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